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Kopp Development Inc. manufactures a suite of products to make the MR scanning experience safer for all. These products complement each other to address diverse aspects of MR safety. 

The FerrAlert™ HALO II Plus protects the entrance to Zone IV from medium to large ferromagnetic threats. The Intelligent Pre-warning provides an alert on the approach of a potential ferromagnetic projectile towards the magnet room door. Indicator lights specify the physical location of the threat.

FerrAlert™ F.I.L.M. Complements FerrAlert™ HALO II Plus by automatically providing date and time stamped images of the events that preceded as well as consequences that followed a ferromagnetic object entering the magnet room.

The FerrAlert™ SOLO, located in Zone II or III, offers an extremely sensitive method to screen for small ferromagnetic objects.  The threat location feature provides a means to quickly find the location of the offending ferromagnetic threat without the need for intimate personnel contact or use of a handheld detector.

GaussAlert™ produces an attention getting audio alarm whenever an MR conditional device is brought too close to the MR magnet and exceeds the device’s MR conditional magnetic field strength limitations.



The Latest Advancement in Ferromagnetic Detection for MRI Safety

The Best Ferromagnetic Detector for ACR Zone IV Protection

Guards at the entrance into the MRI exam room, providing the most precise and reliable detection and prevention of ferromagnetic threats from entering Zone IV. FerrAlert™ HALO II Plus incorporates all the features of the FerrAlert™ HALO II and enhances performance even further. The New Plus Package dramatically reduces alarm fatigue by not alarming on the MRI door and ferromagnetic objects exiting the MRI room. In addition, FerrAlert™HALO II Plus accepts our new accessory Ferromagnetic Incident Log Manager (F.I.L.M.), which assists with Root Cause Analysis and facilitates The Joint Commission more



Provides An Automatic Data Record of Ferromagnetic Objects entering the MRI Scanner Room

A Continuous and Automatic Visual Record of Potential and Actual Projectile Incidents

Provides a visual record of the actions after the incident. Assists with Root Cause Analysis.
NEW REQUIREMENT by The Joint Commission! FerrAlert™ F.I.L.M. - is the ONLY automatic logging device to help MRI providers to comply with The New Joint Commission standardsread more



The Latest Advancement in Ferromagnetic Detection for MRI Safety

The best Ferromagnetic Detector solution for ACR Zones II and III Pre-Screening

Installed in the controlled pre-screening zone, FerrAlert™ SOLO is the highest sensitivity, full-body patient and personnel pre-screener available to MRI providers. Our Proprietary Sensor Technology allows for the detection of very small ferromagnetic objects, such as a typical hairpin or more



Magnetic Field Strength Alarm

GaussAlert™ is designed to help keep MR Conditional equipment outside of the MRI exclusion zone. GaussAlert™ is programmed to alarm when the preset magnetic field strengthis exceeded. It produces an attention-getting audio alarm when MR Conditional equipment is too close to the MRI magnet. Medical Equipment that is used in the MRI room, such as infusion pumps, contrast injectors, patient monitors, anesthesia machines and others, may malfunction and potentially injure the patient if not kept outside of a specific magnetic field more