The Best Detector to Protect the MRI Room

FerrAlert™ leading edge technology provides the most reliable detection and prevention of
ferromagnetic threats from entering the MRI room (Zone IV). FerrAlert™ detectors are
recognized to be the most accurate ferromagnetic detectors for MRI, due to their exclusive
location-specific feature. The New Plus Package dramatically reduces alarm fatigue by not
alarming on the MRI door and ferromagnetic objects exiting the MRI room. In addition,
FerrAlert™HALO II Plus accepts our new accessory Ferromagnetic Incident Log Manager
(F.I.L.M.), which assists with Root Cause Analysis and facilitates The Joint Commission

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Two independent studies indicate the potential efficacy of ferromagnetic detection systems for detecting implanted or embedded items before the MRI exam

ONLY FerrAlert™ brand detection systems can pinpoint the location of offending ferrous objects. This patented, exclusive feature can help the user to identify the position of a potentially dangerous internal object..  read more


Technical Drawings and Wiring Diagrams for Architects, Designers and Builders

To better assist you in architectural and design phase of your MRI facility, we will be happy to provide you with our products’ Technical Drawings and Wiring Diagrams. Siting Ferromagnetic Detection Systems at MRI facilities will help you to comply with Joint Commission (JCAHO) and Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) standards.   request it here

We are very proud to sponsor
Dr. Kanal´s MR Medical
Director / MR Safety Officer Training Course

The only course targeted specifically at providing the education
necessary to comfortably undertake the responsibilities of being
an MR Medical Director/MR Safety Officer..
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